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Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis is a very strong area of our activities. We can undertake various projects from wide range of synthestic organic chemistry including heterocyclic chemistry, steroids, carbohydrates and other areas of synthethic organic chemistry. We have a wide expirience in procedures releated to hydrogenation, transition metal catalysis including carbonylations, hydroformylations, osmium catalysed dihydroxylation, cobalt catalysed conversion of chemically advanced nitriles into alpha substituted pyridines in clean one step process, ozonolysis or enzymatic transition. We have applying wide range specific reagents like Dess-Martin Periodinane, Burgess reagent, Bredereck reagent, Harada's acids to keep our enviroment clean.

We can deliver a very wide range of target molecules at competitive prices.
Please ask for specific information :
DMP-green reagents